Cycling Basics

Cycling is a quickly growing sport in which almost anyone with a bicycle can take part. Whether it is cycling on local trails, or exploring some of the quieter roads in your area, cycling training can bring significant improvements in cardiovascular health and fitness, and can be a lot of fun too! Before embarking on a program of cycling training, carefully consider what your objectives are and in doing so, factor in important considerations such as:

  • Your base of fitness
  • Your equipment.
  • Your background in cycling.
  • The distance you want ride, or any event you have in mind.
  • How competitive you want to be.

Cycling Events

Cycling events vary from road racing to mountain bike racing and all points in between. For those who don’t want to race, there are many events based on interesting routes that are non-competitive, or have a competitive element.

  • For example, sportive rides allow riders to start whenever they please within a time window, but your ride is timed to add an element of competition.

Distances for such rides and races vary from 10 or 15 miles, right up to 100 to 150 miles with varying terrain from flat routes, to routes that take in mountain passes.


Whichever form of cycling you decide to take part in, frame a program that will allow you to build up gradually to your objective. And as the winter months close in, and the days become shorter, consider forms of cycling that will not require you to ride in the worst weather, or in the dark. Cycle trainers will allow you to ride your bike indoors without the risks of riding in the dark, or in adverse weather conditions.

  • An experienced coach, such as the coaches at Metasport, will give you a program that will develop a good base fitness, and include the right amount of intensity in order for you to meet your training goals.

Go For It!

Cycling training can be an excellent way to improve your fitness in a way that has much less impact upon your body than running. Runners who can no longer train as hard as they used to due to joint injuries often take up cycling as a method of low impact training and rehabilitation. As well as being an excellent form of cardiovascular training, cycling is a great way to explore the country around you in a way that will keep you coming back for more.

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