Running Training


  • We have 4 group run sessions a week.
Tuesday07:00-08:30RunNUS Bukit Timah TrackAll levels
Tuesday19:30-20:30RunNUS Bukit Timah TrackAll levels
Thursday19:30-21:00RunGardens by the BayAll levels
Saturday17:00-17:30RunSentosa/ Tanjong BeachAll levels
  • Our group sessions cater for all levels and abilities with a different program for different levels.

What Is Your Level?

  • Run Beginners – can run for 20 minutes without stopping but don’t run frequently
  • Run intermediate – can run a 10km race without stopping and runs on average 1-2 times per week
  • Run advanced – can run for at least an hour without stopping and runs on average 3-4 times per week

We Coach Different Aspects Of Running Training:


  • Often overlooked, an efficient and economical running techniquecan help to save vital energy required to complete an endurance run.
  • Some of our sessions incorporate some technical drills and skills which will then be put into practice in a specific run training set.
  • Running drills will help you become a little more agile, economical and develop a slightly more efficient running style. The effect of these sessions is that you can develop more injury resistance, resulting in more training consistency, in turn leading to better performances.


  • The Tuesday track session focuses on pacing.
  • Proper training requires pacing, and pacing is a fine art.
  • Proper pacing really is a problem in two parts: knowing the appropriate pace, and actually running it! Knowing your proper pace is about understanding your fitness and factoring in the environmental conditions. The ability to run that proper pace, however, is a learned skilled. A lot of relatively new endurance athletes believe that more and faster is better. This is not the case. The objective of this session is to provide you with pacing advice put into practice in a specific run training set.


  • The Thursday session focuses on strength development with the incorporation of hill work.


  • We recommend that you do one long run per week by yourself and at your own pace.Long runs are the best way of developing running endurance and the length of the regular long run will depend on the (racing) goals of the runner. A programme which carefully progresses the length of the long run to its required length will build fitness and strength while reducing the chances of injury.

How To Start?

  • To join our group Training sessions, you need to become a Metasport member.We have Membership Packages available to suit all levels of fitness and budget.
  • Before you sign up as a Member, we are pleased to offer you a FREE TRIAL SESSION. So, go for it, Just select the session of your choice.

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