Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

MetaSport partnered with AWorld – the United Nations preferred sustainability app in 2021 to encourage our community to make small daily actions towards a greener world.

After the successful completion of our first AWorld Challenge “Beyond the Start line”, we have launched our second – “Every Drop Counts”.

We learnt from the first challenge that water saving habits made up two of the top five actions logged, and our biggest tallying action (we saw 152 millions litres of water saved!). Plus in Singapore, water sustainability is a hot topic, so it was natural that it became the focus of our new challenge.

aworld QROur collective challenge is to go beyond the start line and think about making small actions toward water sustainability in our daily lives. We can do this by making conscious daily water actions a habit, with changes in the way we stay hydrated at work and when training, shower after our workouts and races, and brush our teeth.

Join your fellow athletes as we aim to save 50 million litres of water, and log a personal best on and off the race course.

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