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MetaSport Training offers the ultimate combination of triathlon fitness and fun!  Passionate like-minded training partners come together with experienced coaches to bring you a comprehensive weekly schedule of sessions to get you fit for your next race!  We have regular monthly club races, social activities and select overseas races to travel to together.  Join us if you want to meet people and take your training to a new level amongst friends!


  • 10% discount on MetaSport race entries
  • 10% discount for MetaSport clinics
  • Access to international coaching team via email and phone
  • Regular time trials to monitor progress
  • Weekly “MetaMates” coaching newsletter (training articles, feature stories, race reports, etc.)
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 consultation with Head Coaches (upon request)
  • Regular club races
  • Social events
  • Discounted club merchandise
  • Membership Freeze option

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PLEASE NOTE – Enticer price includes GST, Tri 3, Super 6 and Fanatic 12 exclude GST.

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We have freeze options if you travel or are injured for extended periods.

We conduct swim, bike and run group training sessions suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.

  • Gain general fitness
  • Prepare for a triathlon
  • Improve your swimming technique

  • Ride and race with confidence
  • Gain running speed
  • Boost your endurance

How To Start?

Join us for a one week free trial or register for one of our Membership Packages.

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Why Join Our Group Sessions?

Why Join Our Group Sessions?

  • Training with a group has the significant advantage of helping you through the motivational lows and giving more consistency to your training – essential to make progress whatever your goal is.
  • Our sessions are broken down into groups of different levels, so that you are never left behind. As your level improves, you are welcome to jump into the next group or the next swimming lane.
  • Our coaches always try to give you personalized advice and tips.
  • You meet like-minded people to train and socialize with.