The Head Coach of MetaSport training and professional triathlete, Guy Crawford is here to talk to us about the advantages of training with like minded people in a club setting.

I’m often asked, “how have you kept training and racing for such a long period of time”? “Don’t you get bored”?

Well the answer is pretty simple: I surround myself with good people and it makes training something I’m excited about getting out of bed for everyday. Finding that club or group is like finding your athletic home. 

Which brings us to the point of this article. What are the benefits of training with a club? We can list a few of the obvious for starters, such as your coaches holding you accountable and getting the best out of you. It takes the thought process out of it. 

There is so much information out there on what you should or should not be doing when it comes to training. But let us worry about that, if you do the work, you will get fitter! 

Friendship, either forming new ones or training with guys and girls you already know, pushing yourself to places you didn’t think you were capable. Club environments have that effect and it helps you understand what your body and mind can achieve. 

A phrase I quite like is “A rising tide raises all ships” to me this means, if one of your peers succeeds at something then another will also see that it’s possible and follow suit. It has a follow on effect that lifts everyone up. 

Support is another benefit, clubs are here to help and support you on your journey. 

These are just a few ways being a member of a club can help you along your athletic path. So come down and experience the MetaSport Training Club for yourself. I am certain you’ll enjoy it!

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