July 2015

East Coast Park turned into a vibrant and colourful Triathlon festival on July 25th. Jubilant athletes of all ages and fitness levels made it to the start line. Irishman Colin O’Shea takes first place in the Standard distance, while Singapore National athlete Winona Howe, takes...

by Elvia Suryadi It's a known fact that high temperature and humidity affects endurance performance negatively. Some athletes may be affected more than others. What are the strategies that can be implemented to minimize the negative impacts of racing in the heat? In this article I am...

Refuel, Rehydrate, Repair - for Female Athletes by Elvia Suryadi Your training does not end when you finish your workout. Adequate recovery is essential for muscle repair and adaptation. Here are some recovery components that every physically active woman needs.REFUELIn general, the nutrients required by woman athletes...


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