November 2023

Unlocking a New Chapter of Fitness: MetaSprint Series Welcomes First-Timers!  n a realm that typically applauds seasoned athletes, MetaSprint Series shines as a symbol of inclusivity and empowerment. Notably, our 2023 statistics unveil an impressive trend — 26% of participants are bold first-timers embracing the world...

Meet the Dynamic Duo behind MetaSport's Customer Service - Fiona & Fa'Iz! At MetaSport, our commitment to excellence transcends events and permeates the core of our customer service team. Meet Fiona and Fa'Iz, the dynamic duo - more than just friendly faces behind the emails, they...

Head Coach of MetaSport Training and professional triathlete, Guy Crawford talks about the advantages of training with likeminded people in a club setting. What a great time to kick start your training with like minded people and come for a FREE trial with MetaSport. Click...


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