Assistant Coach

As an Assistant Coach you will be responsible for helping the MetaSport Coaching Team deliver coaching sessions to our members in the disciplines of Swim, Bike and Run.

You will also assist the Head Coach in the development and design of each session.

* Deliver a professional, effective and enjoyable training environment for all members in accordance with the MetaSport coaching guidelines and methodology

* Help all members achieve significant and measurable improvement in their training and racing performance

* Keep members safe and injury free during the training process

* Determine new members  abilities, needs and goals

* Conduct a pre-session briefing giving members an overview of the session and its rationale

* Introduce new members to group and encourage interaction

* Coach with enthusiasm – be positive – reinforce good performance!

* Constantly assess group and individual ability to the achievement of session targets and re-calibrate if required

* Provide precise constructive feedback to all athletes either by giving them useful time information or technique correction

* Always be aware of safety and correct any situation that you may feel might result in an accident

* Make notes on individual performance for follow up by email or 1on1’s

* Get back by email / phone following the session to individual members on specific questions that they had

* Diploma or degree – ideally in sports science or other sports fields

* Relevant coaching qualifications and expertise

* Relevant coaching experience with Kids, Youth or Adults

* Training and racing experience in at least one of the three Triathlon disciplines – Swim, Bike, Run

* Must be able to work evenings and weekends

* Singaporean or PR applicants preferred


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