Covid-19 update



To ensure we comply with new social distancing measures we will now be limiting the number of attendees at each session, breaking up into groups of 5 maximum, and staggering the training start time.


To ensure we comply with the latest measures please be sure to do the following at each session:

  • Sign in and out of each session, temperature will be taken on arrival
  • If you have a fever or feel unwell please stay home
  • Please wear a mask to and from training (it is not required while training)
  • Please limit congregations on maximum 5 people
  • Please leave once you have finished your training (no socialising)
  • Please keep to the social distancing rules by staying 2 meters apart


Thank you for your understanding in these times of change. We anticipate that the situation will continue to evolve. We will adapt our training programme accordingly to ensure we continue to deliver high-quality training sessions while adhering to the Singapore government regulations.


Meanwhile, we will need your best cooperation to strictly follow the guidelines.

MetaSport Training update - 3 April 2020

Dear members,

We have tried our hardest to keep MetaSport Training going for you as long as possible. However, in light of the latest Government announcement today regarding Covid-19 we have decided to suspend all sessions with immediate effect, until further notice.

During this time all memberships will be frozen, so there will be no financial impact to you.  We will support your training during this time with online sessions that you can do on your own at home – more details about this will come next week.

We thank you for your support so far in this evolving situation; your energy and positivity is what has been driving us.

I also wish to thank our amazing coaches, as well as Donna and Nerida who have shown so much resilience and determination to keep our sessions safe and going as long as possible.

Stay safe and healthy,
Nathalie Maquet, CEO, MetaSport


MetaSport Training update - 28 Mar 2020

To ensure we comply with social distancing measures we will now be limiting the number of attendees at each session, breaking up into groups of 9 pax maximum, and in some cases utilising more coaches.

Some sessions will now offer two time slots.  You will be able to register for your preferred slot using the GymMaster App, and once the session is full it will no longer be able to accept requests.  Please be conscientious at this time and only register for sessions that you are confident you can attend, and cancel if you can no longer make it – otherwise another member will miss out.

We are still finalising arrangements with Farrer Park pool, and will let you know as soon as session times and format are confirmed.

Please find here a user guide for the GymMaster App.  You can immediately download it, login to your account and start registering for your favourite sessions.  We will be using the GymMaster App effective immediately.

Changes to sessions are as follows:

MetaSport Training update - 24 Mar 2020

In the last few days, Singapore’s precautionary measures for Covid-19 have elevated.  While we don’t want to discourage any of our members from continuing to swim, ride and run, we should contribute to stemming the spread of the virus.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the following measures at the MetaSport Training sessions effective immediately:

  1. If you are feeling unwell, especially with a temperature, cough or runny nose please do not attend training.
  2. If you, or someone in your household, have recently returned from an overseas trip, please stay at home for a period of 14 days before resuming training.
  3. You will be asked to sign in when attending sessions, and your temperature taken. If you are over 38 degrees you will not be allowed to participate in the session.
  4. Temperature checks will occur at the following sessions:
  • Monday swim
  • Tuesday run
  • Wednesday swim
  • Friday swim
  1. Social distancing precautions at each session:
  • Monday core: athletes to spread out 1.5m apart, bring their own towel or mat.
  • All pool swimming sessions: maximum 10 swimmers per lane, no touching of bodies (no high fives), athletes must shower before entering pool
  • Open water swimming: no drafting, spread out, no relays
  • Track running:
    • Warm-up: spread out when doing drills, no physical contact during warm-up. 10 athletes per drill line.
    • Main set: athletes will be sent off in groups of 2-3 people every 5-10 seconds, run in separate lanes.
  • Thursday run: spread out when running and stretching
  • Saturday and Sunday cycling: non-drafting activities.

Pre- and post-sessions:

  • No group photos
  • Congregations of people talking pre- and post-sessions are discouraged

Your cooperation with these initiatives is greatly appreciated.


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