Freeze Option

In case of extended travel or injury, we offer you the possibility to freeze your membership

Freeze Fee

The freeze fee is a one off payment, paid upfront at the start of the freeze period.
The fee is worked out as 25% of the equivalent monthly payment. This fee must be paid for every month that you would like to freeze.

3 month Uni Package = $285 + GST = $304.95
Monthly Equivalent = $101.65
1 Month Freeze = 25% of $101.65 = $25.41

Freeze Fee

During your freeze period, you will not have access to the training sessions or the MetaSport coaches (but you may join the clinics, talks, social gatherings, workshops).

A freeze on membership can be applied at any point during your membership.
7 days notice is required to freeze your membership.
Membership will automatically continue after the frozen period.
The minimum freeze period is one month.
Maximum number of frozen months in a 12-month membership = 6
Maximum number of frozen months in a 6-month membership = 3
Maximum number of frozen months in a 3-month membership = 2


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