Full time Position – Based in Singapore

MetaSport is one of the leading Sports Management companies in Southeast Asia, promoting the fast-growing sports of triathlon, swimming, cycling and running, through coaching services and event management.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a market-leader company based in the heart of tropical Singapore. We currently coach around 250 age-group athletes and kids (= MetaSport Members) and conduct clinics and corporate training sessions on a weekly basis.

In parallel, we own and organise some of the most established triathlon and cycling events in the region. For more information

  1. Take leadership of our coaching services in terms of planning and delivery
  2. Coach athletes of all levels from complete novices to competitive age-groupers
  3. Contribute to the growth of our coaching business by maintaining MetaSport’s excellent reputation for quality coaching services
  4. Manage a team of 8 part-time coaches
  1. Conduct daily group training sessions and individual lessons
  2. Design training plans on a seasonal, monthly and weekly basis
  3. Write scientifically-sound training programs and training sessions rationale for groups or individual athletes
  4. Conduct public and corporate clinics, talks and workshops
  5. Write training-related articles for our website, newsletter, marketing collaterals, etc.
  6. Develop personal relationships with our clients via email and personal communication
  7. Guide, develop and coordinate the part-time coaches
  8. Creatively add value to our coaching services
  9. Conduct multi-day regional training camps
  1. Degree in Sport Science (or equivalent) preferred
  2. Ability to coach all three disciplines (swimming, cycling, running)
  3. Minimum of 3-4 years of similar previous working experience preferred
  4. Enthusiastic. Positive work attitude.
  5. Self-motivated, independent and driven
  6. Good leadership skills
  7. Excellent communication skills (both written and spoken)
  8. Willingness to work flexible hours and when our clients are available (weekends, evenings, etc.)

Salary: negotiable, based on previous achievements, qualifications and experience.


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