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MetaSport Shop and MetaMiles Reward Programme – Terms and Conditions

The MetaSport Shop and MetaMiles Reward Programme (“MetaMiles”, “Programme”) are operated by Tribob.com Pte Ltd dba MetaSport (“MetaSport”, “we”, “us” or “our”) and are governed by the following Terms and Conditions.  By setting up a MetaMiles membership account, or using any part of the MetaSport Shop website, you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by them; you further agree to provide with us your personal data (“Personal Data), and agree that we may collect and use your Personal Data in accordance with our Privacy Policy Statement.  If a dispute arises in relation to the MetaSport Shop and MetaMiles reward programme, our decision or (if applicable) the relevant partner’s decision is final.  Such dispute may include (a) any dispute over your eligibility for participation, your entitlement to benefits, records of redemption or other activities or transactions, or (b) any dispute between you and any partner participating in the MetaMiles reward programme. 

MetaMiles members will be able to receive and/or redeem various benefits subject to these Terms and Conditions and other relevant terms which may be announced or notified to members from time to time by different means of communication. 


1. Definitions

    1. “MetaSport Shop”: the online shop operated by MetaSport – https://www.metasport.com/shop/
    2. “MetaMiles Reward Programme”: A loyalty programme owned by MetaSport. Participants of MetaSport events earn MetaMiles, depending on the races they register for with MetaSport.  MetaMiles will be automatically credited to participants’ membership accounts.  
    3. “Membership account”: An unique account created by the participants to view their MetaMiles and redeem rewards.  Members need to login with their password to conduct and view their activities.
    4. “MetaMiles members” or “Members”: Participants who successfully create a  membership account.
    5. “MetaMiles”: Points that participants earn when they register for MetaSport events.  MetaMiles can be used to redeem or buy rewards in the MetaSport Shop.
    6. “MetaSport Events”: Sports events organized by MetaSport.
    7. “Redeemable goodies”, “Reward(s)”: Products or services that are available in the MetaSport Shop for members to redeem with their MetaMiles.
    8. “Merchandise”: Products available in the MetaSport Shop for members to purchase.  Payment will be made by credit card.
    9. “Partners”: Third party companies and brands that collaborate with MetaSport in providing rewards to members to redeem and / or purchase.
    10. “Service Companies”: Third parties that provide essential services to MetaSport to enable smooth implementation of MetaMiles Reward Programme, MetaSport Shop such as registration portal, marketing partner, auditor etc


2. Joining the MetaMiles Reward Programme

2.1. Eligibility

The MetaMiles membership is open to all individuals who

  • are aged 18 or above; and
  • register for any MetaSport events held in 2021 onwards.

Members earn MetaMiles through the eligible registration of MetaSport events. The number of MetaMiles allocated to each race is stated on the registration page of each event website.  


2.2. Creating an account

Once you register for a MetaSport event, a membership account will be automatically created for you.  You are required to activate your membership account using the link sent to you via your registered email address.  You will be required to choose a password to secure your account.


3. MetaMiles and Reward Redemption

3.1. MetaMiles

MetaMiles are the only currency which can be used by members of the Programme to redeem rewards within the MetaSport Shop.  At no time and under no circumstance can MetaMiles be converted into cash.


MetaSport is not responsible for any loss of MetaMiles due to technological or system problems.


3.2. Earning MetaMiles

Points are earned by registering for MetaSport events. All points are linked to the unique email address used to register for the events.  Points from more than one race, and for more than one person linked to a unique email address are combined into one account. 


3.3. Redemption and validity

Members can use the MetaMiles they earned to redeem rewards in the MetaSport Shop.  

Reward redemption is only available in the MetaSport Shop.  The validity period of all MetaMiles will be fixed at the time they are credited into the member’s account.  The expiry date will be stated in the account.  Any expired or invalid MetaMiles will be forfeited and will not be re-issued.  


3.4. Purchasing of MetaMiles

MetaMiles cannot be purchased from any other channels.  All unauthorized sales, purchases or transfer of MetaMiles will not be recognized and shall be deemed invalid. 


3.5. Transfer of MetaMiles

MetaMiles are allocated based on the email address used to register for events. Therefore the points from family members can be combined if one email address is used for registration.  The transfer of MetaMiles to other persons is prohibited.


3.6. Reward Redemption 

3.6.1. MetaMiles members should redeem the reward(s) based on the number of MetaMiles they have in their account.  Redemption items are non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash, sold or exchanged for any other products or services.

3.6.2. MetaMiles will be deducted from members’ accounts and a confirmation email will be sent once the redemption is confirmed. The redemption cannot be changed or cancelled, and expired MetaMiles will not be accepted. 

3.6.3. Rewards will be available for collection during the race kit collection of the event you registered.  Digital race participants will collect their reward at the respective race kit collection of the origin races. Rewards not collected will be regarded as abandoned and no replacement will be arranged. Related MetaMiles will not be returned.

3.6.4. If you want to make a special delivery arrangement, a service fee will be charged.  Please contact our relationship executive via email at customerservice@metasport.com for any enquiries.

3.6.5. All rewards are of limited quantity and only available while stocks last.  They are redeemed on a first come first serve basis. Once they are fully redeemed, MetaSport may not restock the reward item.  MetaSport does not guarantee that reward items will continue to be available during the redemption period.  MetaSport has the right to terminate the provision of particular rewards without prior notice,iIn the event that rewards are unavailable, MetaSport reserves the right to substitute rewards using products that are of an equal value.

3.6.6. All reward photos are for reference only, and the actual products may vary. The rewards do not include any warranty, exchange, cash refund or change.  Members are responsible for checking the quality of rewards at the time of collection.  Rewards will not be re-issued and no MetaMiles refunded afterwards. 

3.6.7. Reminders of member benefits and promotions will be sent to members via email. Members should provide valid email address and mobile phone number to avoid missing out on important notices.  MetaSport is not responsible for any case of undelivered email messages or notifications.

3.6.8. MetaSport reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of reward redemption without prior notice, and to have the final decision on all matters of dispute.


3.7. Account adjustments

All MetaMiles credited to a member’s account can be used by the member but MetaSport has the right to make subsequent adjustments to the account without prior notification to rectify any inaccurate entries. For disputes relating to the MetaMiles and member’s account, please see Clause 7.14 hereof for the relevant provisions governing dispute resolution.


3.8. Safeguarding integrity of MetaMiles transactions

MetaSport may at any time deduct any MetaMiles from any member’s account under the following circumstances:

(a) incorrect crediting of MetaMiles to any member’s account by MetaSport;

(b) cancellation, reversal or refund of any relevant qualifying services or eligible spending by the member;

(c) in the case of actual or suspected fraud; or

(d) any other scenarios as MetaSport sees fair and just in safeguarding the integrity of MetaMiles transactions.


3.9. In the event the member has already redeemed/transferred the MetaMiles which they are not    entitled to, MetaSport may: 

(a) charge the member the full recommended retail price of the redeemed reward;

(b) charge the member the transferred MetaMiles; or

(c) exercise a combination of any of the above treatments.


4. Termination of membership

MetaSport has the absolute discretion to refuse and/or revoke the registration of any participant and to terminate and/or cancel the registration of such participant for any reason whatsoever. 

A MetaMiles membership will be cancelled if MetaSport thinks just, or if the member has:

  • acted in an inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive or hostile manner;
  • breached or violated the terms and conditions applicable to the Programme;
  • engaged in any misconduct or wrongdoing when participating in the Programme or when using MetaMiles benefits, including the provision of fraudulent information in registration, MetaMiles earning or benefits redemption;
  • engaged or intended to engage in any plan or conduct of buying or selling MetaMiles without explicit permission from MetaSport; or
  • passed away.


In the event a membership is terminated by MetaSport for any reason(s), all unredeemed MetaMiles and other benefits will be forfeited immediately and the same cannot be reinstated.  MetaSport shall owe no liability to the members whose accounts are cancelled because of the reasons aforesaid.


5. Purchase of Merchandise at the MetaSport Shop

5.1. Merchandise

Members can purchase items from the range of merchandise available in the MetaSport Shop.  Merchandise will not be available for redemption usingMetaMiles unless otherwise stated.


5.2. Payment

All payment will be made by credit cards.  All prices shown are in Singapore Dollars.  Members will have to bear all currency exchange risks if  ordering from overseas.


5.3. Collection of merchandise

Members shall collect their merchandise at the race kit collection of the event they registered for.  Special delivery arrangement can be made with an added delivery charge.  Please contact us at customerservice@metasport.com for any enquiry.


5.4. No Refund or Exchange

Once the order is accepted and payment is made, there will be no refund or exchange for any reason.


5.5. Modifications to Prices

Prices for our merchandise are subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the merchandise items without notice at any time.


6. Personal Data 

6.1. This Clause provides information on the obligations and policies of MetaSport in relation to the privacy issues associated with the collection, retention, processing or handling of personal data by the Programme. 


6.2. All collection, storage, transmission and other handling or usage of Personal Data shall be done in accordance with the obligations and requirements of the PDPA. 


6.3. Members allow the Service Companies to access all the information stored in their membership account to ensure all contact information, identifying particulars and information relating to the services provided by the Service Companies are up to date and accurate.  Members also allow Service Companies to access and handle their membership account for the purpose of redemption of MetaMiles and/or to perform all tasks incidental to such redemption. 


6.4. Until the cessation of membership, members agree (unless otherwise notified to MetaSport), to receive notifications, newsletter, marketing and other nature of information delivered through MetaSport in whatever format through the use of the members’ contact information and geolocation data including notice of discounts, special offers, benefits and other promotions related to MetaMiles and our partners, regardless of by whom the said products or services are supplied or provided.  Members acknowledge that the business partners of MetaSport and MetaMiles (and hence the said products and services) may vary from time to time and that they may not be notified on an individual basis about such changes.  Members can however check with MetaSport for such information through the specified means of communication.


6.5. MetaSport in the course of its operation, in particular when processing and managing MetaMiles in members’ accounts, will use and disclose to the extent necessary (e.g. for carrying out verification and audit) certain personal data to the relevant partners, Service Companies and or government authorities.


6.6. Where cookies are used to collect information about visitors of the MetaSport Shop website, cookies or similar tracking tools on your machine or device will be used to, for example, personalise your user experience and/or maintain your identity across multiple webpages and/or Internet sessions.  


7. Other Principles

7.1. Modification

The mode of operation, composition, contents and general administration of the MetaSport Shop may be changed at any time, for any reason and without the members individually notified.


7.2. Termination of MetaMiles

MetaMiles reward programme may be terminated with six (6) months’ advance notice to all members.  All members shall then within the period before the termination redeem all the MetaMiles regardless of the original expiry dates applicable to the MetaMiles.  Any balance of MetaMiles which exist on the date of the termination of the MetaMiles reward programme will be deemed forfeited and in respect of which MetaSport shall owe no liability to the members or to any other persons.


7.3. Change of Ownership

MetaSport may at any time transfer the ownership and/or operation of the Programme to any persons without notifying all members individually.  In the course of such transfer and for the purpose of ensuring a seamless transition, your personal data retained with MetaMiles will be subject to the administration of the new owner and/or operator.


7.4. Benefits Subject to Availability and Modification

All benefits, amenities, offers, awards and services of MetaMiles are subject to availability and may be changed at any time without notice.


7.5. No Sale or Transfer

Without prejudice to the right MetaSport to cancel a membership, no MetaMiles or other benefits received from MetaSport shall be sold, bartered or transferred unless it is explicitly approved by MetaSport.  Any unapproved transfer, sale or barter will be void.  MetaSport reserves the right to claim against the members and other persons involved in such trading for damages and compensation.


7.6. No Liability Arising from Third Parties Products

The benefits that members can receive from or through the MetaSport Shop may contain products or services supplied by third parties. The consumption of those products shall be at the members’ own risk and MetaSport shall not be liable for any personal injury or property damage suffered by the users. 


7.7. Taxes

In case the MetaMiles or other benefits received from or through the Programme are subject to income or other taxes, the member is responsible for paying all such taxes and MetaSport will not be liable for any tax liability, duty or other charges in connection with those MetaMiles or benefits.


7.8. No Warranties or Representations

MetaSport makes no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied with respect to type, quality or fitness of goods or services provided by or through the MetaSport Shop.


7.9. Not Responsible for Acts, Errors, or Omissions

MetaSport is not responsible for: (a) any loss or misdirection of, or delay in receiving, any account set-up, correspondence, redemption requests, or general administration of handling benefits; (b) theft or unauthorized redemption of benefits; (c) any acts or omissions of third parties; or (d) any errors published in relation to the description of the benefits, information about MetaMiles.


7.10. Interpretation of Terms

The interpretations of these Terms and Conditions and all other terms and conditions applicable to the MetaSport Shop and MetaMiles shall be at MetaSport’s sole discretion and decisions which will be final, binding and conclusive. In the event of any dispute in connection with MetaMiles, MetaSport decisions will be final, binding and conclusive. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and any translated version, the English language version will prevail. 


7.11. Waiver

A waiver of breach of any specific term of the MetaSport Shop will not constitute a waiver of breach of other terms or a waiver of any prior or subsequent breach of the same term. Under no circumstance will there be any waiver from MetaSport unless such waiver is explicitly communicated in any official channel.


7.12. Limitation of Liability

MetaSport staff or representatives shall not in any way be liable for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential loss or damage or expense of any kind, whether based on contract, tort or otherwise which arise out of or are in any way connected with the MetaSport Shop, and whether such loss, damage or expense is caused by negligence or otherwise, and whether MetaSport has any control over the circumstances giving rise to the claim or not.


For the avoidance of any doubt, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence.  All terms expressed or implied by statute or otherwise are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.


MetaSport will endeavour to ensure the availability of products and services provided by partners but will not be liable for any loss arising from the failure by partners to provide such products and services.  Where a member uses the products or services provided by a partner, their terms and conditions will apply and MetaSport will not be liable for any loss.


7.13. Third Party Rights

Save for the Service Companies, no other party has any right to enforce these Terms and Conditions and all other terms and conditions applicable to the MetaSport Shop and/or to enjoy any benefit under these Terms and Conditions and all other terms and conditions applicable to the MetaSport Shop.


7.14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and all other terms and conditions applicable to the MetaSport Shop and MetaMiles reward programme shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and any disputes arising out of or related to the MetaSport Shop and MetaMiles will be resolved in private in accordance with Singapore law through mediation and/or arbitration held within Singapore.


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