Grab your virtual passport, we are about to embark on an extraordinary journey to the world’s most iconic triathlon destinations!

From Noosa to Nice, Kona to Roth – the miles accumulated by MetaSport Training members through regular running or cycling training will move us around the globe. With a route designed to immerse us in triathlon folklore, your pedal and running power will fuel our travelling speed.

It’s a collaborative and fun adventure that can unite and engage us all, and it’s very easy to take part.

Simply join our Strava Club here. Every time you complete a workout, upload your data to Strava.  It will automatically be added to our group’s collective effort. You’ll be able to see your own contribution, plus that of your fellow club members.

We will update the distance travelled towards our triathlon destinations regularly on this page so you can see the progress.

This is a pilot project that we are testing with the MetaMates before sharing to the wider MetaSport community. We will upgrade and improve the challenges in the coming weeks. Please feel free to provide your thoughts and feedback to make it better.

Get started with us now!

Click here to join our Strava club

If you don’t have a Strava account then join here first Then join our Strava Club (see Step 1 above).

Every time you complete a workout just upload your data to Strava. You can record your distance using your favourite Garmin watch or activity tracker, or download the Strava App on your phone, turn it on and hit “record” before starting your activity.

Your data will automatically be added to the MetaMates’ Triathlon World Tour.

Have fun and also share your achievements on our MetaMates Training FaceBook page.


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