An office family wedding

An office family wedding

On the 30th of April 2023, the MetaSport team was invited to witness the union of Aqilah, our Marketing Executive, and Hayat, our Senior Operations Coordinator, who were about to tie the knot in a grand Malay wedding ceremony. 

It was a first for many of us on the team to experience the joy and vibrancy of a Malay wedding celebration. The air was buzzing with excitement as we gathered at The Oval. But let’s not forget about the most important part—the food! Oh, the delectable Malay cuisine that awaited us was enough to make our taste buds tingle with anticipation.



But hold on tight, because here comes the twist that turned this wedding into a full-blown spectacle. 

Our newlyweds found themselves caught up in the Batam Triathlon’s Fun Duo Challenge, forced to take part in some hilarious antics with the rest of the MetaSport team. Imagine the laughter when Hayat, the epitome of strength and power, ended up sporting a princess tiara, much to everyone’s amusement. And as for Aqilah? Well, she took the “Just Married” concept to a whole new level. Sprinting through the race, she proudly displayed a sash with those very words. But wait, there’s more! Aqilah didn’t stop there. She unleashed her inner eco-warrior by attaching cans to her back, creating a merry jingle with every step. Now that’s what I call making a grand entrance!

Here’s to Aqilah and Hayat, two extraordinary individuals who inspire us all to embrace love, creativity, and a little bit of whimsy along the way!


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