It’s been two and a half long years of yearning for the white sandy beaches and quiet roads of Bintan. But finally we’re back and it feels so good!

It’s time to dust off your bikes, grab your passports and enjoy the sweet island air. As we return, it’s a good time to reflect on our footprint and measures to keep the island beautiful.

At MetaSport we are partnering with Seven Clean Seas to recycle all plastic bottles and plastic waste produced at the event. Seven Clean Seas and their Riau Archipelago – Bintan project have developed an efficient plastic collection and sorting infrastructure in Bintan to recover mixed plastics from community collection, environmental interception and the marine environment. Their dedicated Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is used to ensure plastics are diverted from the struggling landfill and ultimately recirculated into the circular economy. Good news for the environment, and satisfying for us to see all of the empty bottles being recycled.

As visitors to the island, we need to respect the local communities and surrounding nature. So please, don’t dispose of gel and energy bar wrappers on the side of the road – put them in your jersey pocket and carry them to the next drink station. The same goes with drink bidons, we will have designated locations to drop these.

Small steps will go a long way to preserving the stunning landscape of Bintan, and ensure our playground is there to enjoy for many years to come.


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