MetaSport staff in action!

MetaSport staff in action!

Look at their faces–priceless! L-R Elvia (Coach), Natalie (CEO), Nerida (Event Director) and Bronwyne (Customer Services)


Some of the MetaSport staff decided to dip their toes in the water at an Open Water Swim at East Coast Park earlier this month. They swapped sides for once, being the athlete instead of the organiser, and took a lot of lessons away from it.

They registered for the 3km team event, as taking part as a team is more fun and having to swim each 750m seemed quite achievable.

Lesson 1: read the website (or practice what you preach.
At the on-site race briefing it dawned on the MetaSport ladies that the 3km team event consisted of 4x 3km instead of the assumed 4x 750m.

Lesson 2: come prepared (i.e. practice what you preach)
Showing up at a sport event without any/much training under your belt (or in one case after a 120km ride) is always risky and makes the event a lot more daunting than necessary. The nerves took over now they had to swim 4 times the expected distance.

Lesson 3: anything is possible (i.e. practice what you preach)
Not wanting to let their team mates down, they all started (with a brave smile) and finished (with a forced smile) each the full 3km beyond their own expectations. In the end the curve ball they threw themselves resulted in a great sense of achievement.


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