Behind the Scenes of Singapore T100

Behind the Scenes of Singapore T100

At MetaSport, we are humbled to have organised the prestigious Singapore T100 triathlon, an event that showcased the spirit of multisport and the beauty of Singapore to athletes from around the world. As we reflect on the event, we are grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism and expertise in event management, while enhancing the T100’s reputation as a world-class race.

The magnitude of the event

It is clear that the event was a standout on the multisport calendar. From the moment athletes arrived at the race venue, they were greeted with an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The scale of the Singapore T100 was immediately evident, with a sprawling transition area buzzing with activity as competitors prepared their gear and mentally focused on the challenge ahead.

Preparation for this year’s T100 began almost immediately after the PTO Asian Open last year in August 2024. Debriefs and learnings were concluded with various government agencies and contractors, aiming to improve and make the event even better this year. 

What the athletes didn’t see was the operational wheel that was turning in the background. Months of planning and preparation, meetings and brainstorms between stakeholders, contractors, the PTO and MetaSport teams. It culminated on race week, where 8:00am meetings each morning shaped the landscape of the day’s activity. The 360 line build-out schedule that would erect the venue’s infrastructure over fourteen days, and tear it down in seven. The 860 volunteers, 85 team leaders, 32 medical staff, hundreds of hours of meetings and pages of briefing notes that would bring the event together.

The television broadcast, with 80 staff on the ground and millions of dollars of equipment in their dedicated compound. The kilometres of cabling running across the venue and to the course, the cool skateboards that the photographers rode alongside the athletes, the specially fitted motorbikes allowing filming on the bike and run course. The passion of the staff who tirelessly considered each detail to ensure the race was of the highest quality (Is that gap in the road going to be filled by Saturday? Is the branding at the swim pontoon optimised for broadcast? Are the timing checkpoints placed away from the U-turn? Has the bike mechanic considered the tyre pressure of the pro’s for the hot afternoon race start?)

Hundreds of athletes from around the world converged on Singapore to test their mettle against some of the best in the sport. From seasoned professionals to first-time participants, the Singapore T100 welcomed athletes of all abilities, creating a diverse and vibrant field of competitors. They were hungry and thirsty as they made their way around the course, consuming 9500 energy gels, 3000 energy bars, 1350 litres of cola, 13000 liters of water – all cooled by 586 (BIG) bags of ice!

The event also offered an opportunity for networking and boosting business relationships. The Corporate Challenge saw ten of Singapore’s leading companies battle it out for supremacy on the course, and enjoy premium hospitality in a dedicated marquee post-race. The VIP tent also hosted C-suite individuals, government stakeholders, pro athletes and their partners. Dining on food catered by Marina Bay Sands, it was a very festive location during the pro events with the noise elevating as the athletes edged closer to the finish chute. 







Enhancing the event’s reputation

By delivering a world-class experience, we have further enhanced the event’s reputation as one of the premier triathlons in the region, and a major event for the city. Athletes, sponsors, and partners alike have expressed their appreciation for the seamless execution and unforgettable atmosphere.

Beyond the race itself, the Singapore T100 also served as a platform to showcase Singapore’s vibrant sports culture and scenic landscapes. With iconic city landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, the Art Science Museum, the Singapore Flyer as the backdrop, athletes were treated to a truly unique and unforgettable race experience.

Looking Ahead

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue hosting events that inspire and unite athletes from around the world. With each edition of the T100, we reaffirm our dedication to excellence and our mission to create memorable experiences for all participants.


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