Unlocking Success: Coach Bastian’s Insights for Tour de Batam Preparation

Unlocking Success: Coach Bastian’s Insights for Tour de Batam Preparation

As Tour de Batam draws near, we sit down with Coach Bastian, a seasoned cycling expert, to delve into the intricacies of gearing up for this exhilarating event. With his wealth of experience, Coach Bastian offers valuable advice on how both seasoned cyclists and first-timers can fine-tune their training strategies and conquer the challenges of Tour de Batam.


As Tour de Batam approaches, what would you say are the key aspects cyclists should focus on in their final weeks of preparation?

B: Mastering your hydration and nutrition game is crucial. Think of your body as a vessel consistently losing water; this constant loss can’t be halted, only replenished. Discover what gels and bars fuel your performance best by testing before the big day. Also, find your race-day rhythm—what sustenance and timing align with your peak performance. 

Working out what works for you during the race. 


For those who have experience with Tour de Batam, how can they maintain their racing rhythm and ensure peak performance on race day? How should i pace myself for this race

B: Be conservative don’t take risks. Long hot grueling day. Stay constantly hydrated. Don’t do anything crazy or stupid for at least ¾ of the day. Save some energy for the end of day.


Nutrition plays a crucial role in endurance events. What advice would you give to cyclists in terms of refining their nutrition strategy during training rides leading up to the race?

B: Before the race, experiment with the product you plan to consume. Observe how your body responds. Don’t solely rely on advice from friends or teammates. Prioritize personal experience by testing the product and gauging your body’s reaction to various nutrition choices. Feel free to explore your creativity – you’re not confined to traditional gels and bars. Don’t have to stick to regular gels and bars, maybe opt for a rice ball instead!


For those new and experienced cyclists, what should their focus be on  in 3 weeks leading out to the Tour de Batm??

B: General advice: Practice riding on rolling terrain, like Mandai Rd in Singapore, to prepare for Batam’s constant ups and downs. Batam rides are known for plenty of  constant ups and downs. Familiarise yourself with short, sharp efforts for those brisk climbs. 


Recovery is often overlooked but crucial. How can cyclists strike the right balance between intense training and allowing their body adequate time to recover before the race?

B: Sleep is the best recovery. Don’t expect a 5 hrs sleep to do you any favours before a long ride. Get sufficient rest!

Stretch: swap a cycling session for a yoga session or do some simple stretches at home. Work on mobility.


Race weekend: Hydrate and keep fuelling up constantly! Always have a good snack with you. Well fed. Never run out of crabs.

Don’t go for a late big meal. 

Rest well: Just lay down even if you can’t sleep. Don’t sit or stand


Approaching a new event like Tour de Batam can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. What mindset or approach should newcomers adopt to make the most of their first experience in the race?

B: Enjoy and have fun! No expectations. Best mental mindset: have a mantra ready. When things get tough, think about that.

Eg. dedicating the race to someone you love. When you feel like giving up, think of that person.

Be mentally ready, rain/too hot/cramp. Don’t give up!


Finally, could you share a motivational message or tip for all the cyclists gearing up for Tour de Batam, regardless of their experience level?

B: Inspiring yourself. Self motivation! Find your mantra.


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