MetaSport unveils new logo

MetaSport, Asia’s leader in sport event management and training services, unveils its new logo that reflects its brand values of inclusiveness, enriched experience, and the journey to a better life. MetaSport has its roots dating back to 2000, and for almost two decades, it has stayed true to its mission of creating experiences that have a positive impact on peoples’ lives through sports.




The new logo gives a fresh spin to the old one while keeping the red and grey colour scheme for a sense of familiarity. The new typography gives it a modern feel without being too intimidating. MetaSport’s iconic “S” still stands out in the new logo as it represents the very core of the brand: journey and transformation. From the road-shaped “S” to a rounder one broken into three small sections symbolizing the stages of the journey at the same time signifying transformation.

The evolution of the MetaSport logo and the brand identity showcases the company’s ever-evolving spirit, its commitment to innovation, and the pursuit to make itself more inclusive.



MetaSport is a leading sport management company in Asia with its head office in Singapore and operations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. MetaSport specializes in event management and training services in the sports of triathlon, swimming, cycling and running.

The company has its roots dating back to the year 2000, when it picked up that triathlon – a fresh, new, vibrant sport – had a bright future in Southeast Asia.




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