Good vibes for a good cause

Good vibes for a good cause

Here at MetaSport, we care for the mental wellbeing of our community, on top of striving for physical health. It is with this in mind that we have launched the Good Vibes Run to increase mental health awareness, and fundraise for our partner charity, the Singapore Association for Mental Health.

The Good Vibes Run offers participants the choice of three different inspiring 5km routes; the Singapore River – “Colourful River Route”, Little India “Street Art Route”, and the Southern Ridges “Sunset Delight Route”. Designed to inspire good vibes through the different sights and sounds around the city, participants can enjoy running or walking the event solo, or with friends. In addition, participants may contribute to the charity on top of the registration pledge that will be donated by MetaSport.

The event is a great opportunity to get some fresh air while taking a break from the everyday stresses of work or study.  Participants will use the MyRaceGate app for audio guidance, fascinating landmark information and entertaining motivational messages, and can choose to listen to a curated event playlist. 

While these are difficult times that we now live in, help is thankfully never too far away. Just like everyday  Singaporeans are dedicating time to help the less fortunate, our official charity partner, SAMH continues to support our community.

SAMH helps their beneficiaries on their road to recovery from mental health issues. With various rehabilitation services available, SAMH reaches out to different groups of people ranging from students and youths, and working adults. With a focus on promoting respect and acceptance for individuals facing mental health issues, and also support for their families and caregivers, their integration back into society is made easier.

Register for the event now and get ready to spread the good vibes!


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