Relight Your Fire: MetaSprint Series Triathlon 2024

Relight Your Fire: MetaSprint Series Triathlon 2024



Wille Loo
MetaSport Coach
SEA Games medalist



The first half of the triathlon season is well and truly underway! The races are coming left, right and centre while those training hours are starting to add up. Here in Singapore, while many of you are coming down off the high of racing in the T100 series in Marina Bay, there are a lot building towards the many regional middle distance races.  

Outside of those big season goals, even the most driven athletes need to inject a little excitement into their training now and then. This triathlon stuff can be tough – between that post race buzz and locking in to your next race, the motivation to keep grinding can be very elusive. But fret not! To paraphrase Take That (only the greatest British boy band ever), the MetaSprint Series Triathlon 2024 on 5 May at East Coast Park is what you need to relight your fire!

Now, this is no random event to fill up a weekend. The MetaSprint Series Triathlon is an institution of triathlon here in Singapore with a veritable who’s who of the local scene rocking up to race one another. 

  1. Challenging – While East Coast Park doesn’t immediately conjure up images of an ultra demanding parcour, this race is no walk in the park. The wind and exposure to the Singapore Strait almost always guarantees a choppy swim that will test your open water skills. It is pretty warm at this time of the year but with the recent heat wave Singapore has been experiencing, the weather might be an even bigger factor than usual.
  2. Fast – The swim may not be the quickest one out there, but the rest of the race route lends itself to some fast times. The three lap bike course has some long straights where you can put down the power and some slick corners where your bike handling skills are going to earn you some extra seconds. The two lap run course is on wide footpaths and elevation gain is negligible so bring the speed!
  3. Fun – Hands down, the MetaSprint Triathlon has an atmosphere that is unmatched at any other local race. There is a real sense of community amongst the athletes that take part and the spectators are super vocal with their support.  The event runs like clockwork, there are knowledgeable emcees on the mike and the music is always pumping. Most importantly, the race is very family friendly, making it a great day out for everyone.  

For those of you that have bigger goals down the road, this race is a great hit-out to test your fitness and get a high intensity workout in. If you are new to the sport, the MetaSprint Series Triathlon’s focus on safety and encouraging participation mean there is no better event to whet your appetite for triathlon. So what are you waiting for? See you on 5 May!

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