Who said a “battle of the sexes” was just for tennis…?

Who said a “battle of the sexes” was just for tennis…?

One regular day at the MetaSport office the MetaSprint Series’ Race Director was reviewing the participant list for the Aquathlon when he suddenly spotted two very peculiar team names for the MetaSprint Series 2020 Aquathlon: team one was “Speedy Froggs” formed by Laurent and Adrien Dedenis, and team two was “Speedy Froggettes” formed by Celine and Margaux Dedenis – brilliant!

We were very keen to hear more, so we got in touch with them and it turns out that the Dedenis family have their own unique competition at home. They will be battling it out on the course, mother and daughter against father and son and we cannot wait to hear will take the price. Read more of their story below;

Laurent Dedenis – “This will be the 4th year that we take part in the MetaSprint Series and we love it. Last year, I signed up to the Relay category with my son, where I did the swim and he did the

run section, and we managed to finish in 2nd place which is what then prompted my daughter and my wife to challenge us this year! Each of us have quite a busy life but we try to go running together or do a few swim sessions every week. We are already looking forward to next year when we will try mixing the teams for a change 😊”


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