Showdown at PTO European Open: Witness Triathlon Legends Collide!

Showdown at PTO European Open: Witness Triathlon Legends Collide!

The PTO European Open in Ibiza, Spain, on May 6 promises to be race for the ages with three Olympic Champions. Jan Frodeno (Beijing 2008), Alistair Brownlee (London 2012, Rio 2016) and Kristian Blumenfelt (Tokyo 2021) toeing the start line. Frodeno widely recognised as the G.O.A.T of triathlon, has World Championship titles and records across all race distances and hasn’t lost a race since 2018. (This is partly due to being injured in 2021 and 2022). If Frodeno (41 years old) is the G.O.A.T., then Blumenfelt (29 years old) is the young buck that challenges him for his throne.

In the span of two years, Blumenfelt won the Olympic title and all World Championships titles available in triathlon. Besides their very impressive palmares, the two athletes couldn’t be more different. The German is tall, lanky and a stylist, while the Norwegian operates more like a human tank of brute force. With Frodeno having announced 2023 to be his last year as a professional athlete this face-off may never happen again.

The 2023 PTO Tour starts in Ibiza on 6 May before going to Milwaukee on 4-5 August for the PTO US Open and then to Singapore for the first-ever PTO Asian Open on 19-20 August.

Ibiza may have conditions that are comparable to those in Singapore, and as a result, the PTO European Open event could potentially offer a preview of what might take place at the PTO Asian Open in Singapore in August. Don’t miss the chance to register for this exciting event at an early bird rate!


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