The El-Ansary Journey

The El-Ansary Journey



In the heart of Singapore, the El-Ansary family has become synonymous with the thrilling world of triathlon. Haythem, a seasoned athlete with podium finishes to his name, and his 16-year-old son, Lachlan, are rewriting the script of father-son dynamics in the triathlon scene. Ann, the ever-supportive mum, is the unsung hero, managing the household amidst the whirlwind of swim, bike, and run.

Lachlan’s journey began in Australia, where he did a couple of small kid’s triathlons at the tender age of 5 years. He was regularly spotted cycling and running around his neighbourhood, with Haythem’s old race numbers on his bike, and wearing a race belt around his waist. The family then moved to Singapore, where he continued his multisport journey at the MetaSprint Series, shadowing his competitive father. The initial rivalry between father and son was a source of friendly banter, but now, Lachlan is leaving his father in his wake, resulting in some cheeky teasing from friends. This young, competitive athlete is often found on the podium, mirroring his father’s success, and proving that the student has become the master.

Haythem gracefully admits defeat in the swim, saying, “I can’t swim anywhere near him.” Yet, his pride shines through, “I’m more than happy for him to beat me.” Ann, always the peacemaker, reassures, “You’ll still put up a good fight, particularly in the duathlon and triathlon.”

Lachlan’s early years were dominated by swimming, but a pandemic-induced shift reintroduced him to running. April 2022 marked his triathlon sprint race debut, unveiling a natural prowess for triathlon. His school swim club at Nexus rallied behind his newfound passion.

The El-Ansary family’s daily life revolves around the rhythmic beat of training sessions. Even holidays are strategically planned around triathlon races, with bikes becoming permanent travel companions. Ann, however, takes it in her stride, finding joy in watching her husband and son’s races.

At home, the early morning training rituals of Haythem and Lachlan mean an early bedtime for the pair. This allows Ann and her younger son time to bond (and to choose the TV shows in the evening).


Preparing for the upcoming Singapore T100 race, Haythem and Lachlan use the MetaSprint Series as a lead-up, with the MSS Duathlon serving as a challenging training ground for the young prodigy, particularly on the bike and run.

Haythem’s love affair with Ironman 70.3 is well-known, while Lachlan thrives in the fast-paced Super League Triathlon (now known as Super Tri) sprint format. The entire family’s involvement in the 2023 PTO Asian Open reflects their commitment to the sport, with Ann finding fulfillment in volunteering and being an integral part of the triathlon community.

Their social life is deeply intertwined with the triathlon community. When Haythem arrived in Singapore 10 years ago, he joined the MetaSport training squad for swimming and running. It helped his integration into Singapore because of the friendly community where people are down to earth, and the healthy environment with no judgement, and no intimidation.

Ann’s relocation advice is a testament to the inclusive nature of triathlon. She suggests to her clients upon arriving in town to pick a sport and go for a coffee after training. Triathlon offers a supportive network and true friendships where bonds are made over shared training sessions, finish line banter and planning the next challenge.



Despite Lachlan’s demanding training schedule, his school reports consistently praise his time management skills. As all triathletes know, the sport requires structure and discipline – the perfect ingredients for a successful school life.

Socially Lachlan finds time to relax between training and school with his friends who also swim. The group share a similar routine and understanding of the requirements of being a competitive athlete.

The El-Ansary family exemplifies the resilience, camaraderie, and joy that triathlon brings. As they gear up for the Singapore T100 race, one can’t help but marvel at the inspiring tale of this triathlon-loving family, where each member plays a vital role in the pursuit of excellence, and where the bonds of love and competition create a legacy that extends beyond the finish line.


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