Top swim tips from Coach Trudy

Top swim tips from Coach Trudy

For many, the hardest thing about triathlons is swimming in the open water. Coach Trudy Fawcett, previous Bintan Triathlon winner, MetaSprint Series Champion and MetaSport Training coach has us covered. She shares with us some top tips for open water swimming, to make your training or event a success:


  1. Whenever your face is in the water, exhale. This helps with body positioning and controlling your breathing. 
  2. Breath to the side. The more you lift your head the move your core/bum sinks into the water and the more drag you have. Ensure you breathe to the side every 2-3 strokes. 
  3. Sighting: only your eyes should crack the surface of the water, not your entire head. Thus allowing you to see where you are going without reducing speed. Sight every 6 strokes or so. 
  4. For beach starts: be sure to check your entry to the water before you dive in. Water depth and beach surface all play a part in a quick yet safe entry to the water. 

If you would like to get more top tips on open water, transitions, bike handling and running off the bike, Trudy and our expert team can help you feel confident to tackle your first open water swim or full triathlon. Take a look at our membership plan here.


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