Training tips for your Bike-Run Challenge

Training tips for your Bike-Run Challenge

Training tips for your Bike-Run Challenge:

  • Do “Run/ Bike/ Run” brick sessions at least 3-4 times before race day. You will need to get used to running before and after biking. Aim for at least a run/bike or bike/run session weekly. You can split them into “Run/Bike” one week, “Bike/Run” in the next week and “Run/Bike/Run” in the third week.
  • Focus on your weakness. If your weakness is cycling, you need to allocate more time to get stronger on the bike so you can capitalize on your run strength and vice versa.
  • Be consistent in your training. Consistency is the most important component of any training program. Start slowly, aim for 2-3 times/week of training and you can add more sessions as you get fitter. You should aim to cover the individual run and bike distances in training before race day.
  • Add some intensity in your training. The shorter the race distances, the more intense the pace will be. Interval training with a group is the best way to add speed to your training session.
  • Practice a few short transitions before race day. Your transition time will be included in your overall race time. Doing a few short transitions will help you to get used to them on race day. You can do this at home by setting up a small transition area where you can set up your bike, helmet, cycling/running shoes, race belt, sunglasses and practice running to and from your bike, mounting and dismounting your bike and changing from running to cycling shoes and back to running shoes. Do this repeatedly until you get used to them.


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