Why Batam Triathlon?

Why Batam Triathlon?

We have received the “why have you moved the Bintan Triathlon to Batam” question a few times. Why did we change something that was working so beautifully? 


During the pandemic the hosting hotel, Bintan Lagoon Resort, closed down. So, with great sadness of having lost such a wonderful host, we started our search for a venue of similar capacity. The hotel capacity is important, so that as many athletes as possible can stay at the race venue. The convenience of having the race start on your doorstep, and having all event-related activities at walking distance is an important element to the relaxed, friendly and festive atmosphere the Bintan Triathlon, and now Batam Triathlon, is known for.


There are not many hotels that fit the bill and then they need to be able to support the event and do so with the same enthusiasm as we do. Unfortunately, this match was not found on Bintan Island and, somewhat to our surprise, we did find it on Batam Island. 

As we started exploring the possibility of a Batam Triathlon, we realised that there are actually a lot of pros to the new venue. Travel to Batam is faster (30min), more convenient (all hotels within 3km of the Nongsa ferry terminal) and has alternative options (20 ferries to Batam Centre daily). Hotels are more affordable for the same level of comfort, and budget options are available in the city at a short drive. 


Most importantly they have the perfect conditions to swim, bike and run, and host the triathlon party that we were looking for. After 15 years of Bintan Triathlon, the epic journey continues at the Batam Triathlon!


We have been received with typical Indonesian hospitality and enthusiasm by Nongsa Resorts and are looking forward to extending this warm welcome to you at the Batam Triathlon on 20 and 21 May. Come and join us!


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