Going green: a win for all

Going green: a win for all

The journey towards sustainability is a marathon, not a sprint. We embarked on this path during Covid-19 by taking small steps in what is a long term plan.

In December we received our first official recognition that we were on the right track by receiving
Eco-Event certification from the Singapore Environment Council for the MetaSprint Series Triathlon. It was validation that the green principles we had implemented are correct, and are making a difference for our planet.

We don’t intend to stop here, and we publicly shared our learnings from the eco-Event undertaking in a previous article. The auditor’s report from SEC also identified some additional areas where we can improve, including:

  • Further separation of recyclables at the event venue, with different bins for each material type (plastic, cardboard) to avoid co-mingling.
  • Recording water and electricity consumption with a goal to reduce it at future events
  • Eliminate the use of single use plastics (water bottles) and cups – when Covid-19 regulations allow this
  • Consider using solar panels to power infrastructure such as fans 

Each small step is a positive one, and we are pleased to announce that our workforce caterer Casserole has committed to providing biodegradable cutlery for our team’s meals at events. Encouraging green practices within our ecosystem is part of our pledge, and we are proud to work with companies such as Casserole.

We are working on these aspects when planning the upcoming MetaSprint Series.

Being environmentally sustainable means a future for our sport, our children and our world. It’s a commitment by us to our participants.


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