Go full speed in the City60 Sprint Challenge!

Go full speed in the City60 Sprint Challenge!

The City60 Strava Sprint Challenge is a fight for the throne for competitive cyclists (aren’t we all?).

A 1km sprint segment has been created on Strava (see link below).  Cyclists can ride this segment as often as they like pre-event during training rides.  It’s a great opportunity to check out the course, and cyclists can test themselves to see if they can make it to the top of the weekly rankings. The weekly rankings will be posted on the City60 Sprint Challenge page and the City60 Bike-Run Challenge Facebook page every Monday.

On the day of the City60 Bike-Run Challenge, all athletes can join the City60 Sprint Challenge by uploading their race data to Strava post-race.   The athlete with the fastest split along the 1km segment during the race will be crowned the City60 Sprint Challenge Champion and will walk away with a special prize.


Check out the City60 Sprint Challenge on Strava: https://www.strava.com/segments/15866719

The results board is posted on our website and updated weekly:  https://www.city60bikerun.com/city60_challenges




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