Eastern Pacific Shipping Shines For Second Year at Marina Bay

Eastern Pacific Shipping Shines For Second Year at Marina Bay

The Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) team returned to Marina Bay for the Singapore T100 this year full of determination to retain their Corporate Challenge crown, won at the PTO Asian Open 2023. Under the leadership of CEO Cyril Ducau the team embraced the spirit of the event from the outset, undergoing weekly training and drawing inspiration from pros Magnus Ditlev, Ruth Astle and Aaron Royle during an in-office race week appearance.

We caught up with Cyril to hear more about his team’s journey to the start line, and reasons for choosing this event as a means to boost employee well-being and camaraderie.

  1. What is it about the Singapore T100 Corporate Challenge that made EP Shipping join two years in a row?

We participated in the Singapore T100 Corporate Challenge two years in a row because it aligns with our values of promoting health and wellness among our employees while fostering teamwork and camaraderie. Internally, we adopt a “Strong Body, Strong Mind” philosophy, as we believe that a healthy and active lifestyle improves mental health and builds camaraderie in the team. This philosophy is engrained in our people and pow

ers our company culture. It’s like how music is hailed as a universal language that connects people. For us, sport is what binds us. Our participation is also a great example of how we are more than just a shipping company.


  1. What were the benefits of joining the event for your employees?

Participating in the event provided numerous benefits for our employees, including improved physical fitness, team bonding, and the opportunity to represent our company in a positive and engaging way. It gave our people the opportunity to complete a triathlon as a team since doing a triathlon individually may not be something attainable for everyone. It allowed those who are strong in their individual disciplines to come together collectively to contribute to this win as one.


  1. What aspect of the event was most valued overall?

The most valued overall was the sense of accomplishment and teamwork derived from completing the triathlon together as a team. Not everyone is cut out to complete all 3 disciplines of a triathlon individually, so this presented a great opportunity to that exposure and most importantly achieved great results with combined efforts.


  1. Did your team get together for training prior to the event?

Yes, our team made it a priority to train together prior to the event to ensure everyone was prepared and could support each other throughout the race. We did a run through of the circuit and distance for the cycling and running segments. Our swimmers did their own needful training as well. It was heartening to see everyone being so committed to it apart from work.


  1. Do you feel your team’s camaraderie strengthened as a result of the event?

Absolutely, participating in the event definitely strengthened our team’s camaraderie as we trained together, cheered each other on during the race, and celebrated our achievements afterward. Even the non-racers came down for support and those that couldn’t be at the event tent due to limited passes cheered from outside the race lines. The rest of the company on sea and shore supported us virtually via our EPS BicEPS chat.

Just to give you a background, we have a handful of employee-founded clubs for various sports like running, cycling, tennis, futsal, yoga, badminton. The BicEPS Club (play on the word biceps ending with EPS) is our longest standing and most popular club which was started in 2018. Initiatives, such as bi-weekly runs and quarterly company-wide cycling challenges, are managed by fitness leaders in our community. Many BicEPS club members also volunteer to participate in local, regional and international competitions like the Singapore T100, Ironman 70.3 races, Tour de Batam, Tour de Phuket, Standard Chartered Marathon and more.


  1. Were there any funny or memorable moments on (or off) the race course?

At the T100 event, the EPS team made an indelible mark by sending not one, but two formidable teams to compete in the highly anticipated corporate challenge. Despite facing fierce competition from renowned MNCs and large corporations, our spirit remained unshaken.

Embodying the EPS way, we approached the challenge with an unwavering “I can” attitude, coupled with the daring to try and the boldness to dream. It was this relentless determination and fearless ambition that propelled us to the top, allowing us to emerge as champions.

The pinnacle of this extraordinary journey was undoubtedly the moment our last runner crossed the finish line, sending the entire team over the moon. The most precious moment was when we marched up to the podium, basking in the glory of our hard-earned victory. It was a moment of pure triumph, forever etched in our memories, symbolizing the power of resilience, teamwork, and the EPS spirit. And we will definitely be back next year to defend our title.


  1. Was there a particular pro athlete that inspired you the most in the 2024 event and why?

The pro athlete that stood out most in the 2024 event was Ashleigh Gentle as she was so fast on her run considering Singapore’s humidity, it was unreal. Her perseverance was truly admirable and motivating for our team.


  1. Will EP Shipping return in 2025 to defend your crown?

Yes, we have already confirmed our spot for 2025 to defend our crown and continue promoting the sporting culture of excellence among our employees through participation in this.


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