Jay Serrano was born with both cleft lip and palate. His mother shared that people in their village would call him names. It broke her heart because they laughed at Jay instead of showing him kindness and acceptance.

In 2019, they traveled to the Smile Asia mission site in Cabanatuan, Philippines, hoping to receive  surgery to repair Jay’s cleft. His family was excited after Smile Asia’s team confirmed Jay could receive the surgery. One of Jay’s father’s dreams was for Jay to attend school normally like the other children and now thanks to the Smile Asia team, that has been made possible.

Another heart-warming story is Donna Diocos’ Operating Room Nurse volunteer, who shares a memory that she vividly remembers from a medical mission in Bangladesh.

“There was a child whom I screened, born with cleft lip & cleft palate. I really felt the pain and desperation that his mother went through. I knew it was unbearable to not have the means to get her child treated. She encountered difficulties in the mission and felt hopeless. Fortunately, her child was fit for surgery and the operation went smoothly. I saw genuine happiness in her after the surgery, and these are moments I will never forget”.

Throughout the 10 Smile Asia missions she has been a part of, Donna expressed that each mission gives her an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. These experiences fuel her passion as a nurse.

These and many other stories just like them are why we are very excited to announce Smile Asia as our official charity partner for the MetaSprint Series Triathlon! You too can help spread smiles through Smile Asia’s donation portal or by sharing this article to spread the word.


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