MetaSport’s Customer Experience Executive, Joy Marpa

MetaSport’s Customer Experience Executive, Joy Marpa

Joy Marpa, MetaSport’s Customer Experience Executive, is an inspiration to all of us at MetaSport. She is the true example of the catchphrase “you can do it”. Read her triathlon journey and be inspired to grab your trainers and go out for a run! 

  1.     Describe yourself as an athlete.

I am a fun and competitive athlete. I like to take every moment and just soak in it. I practice to focus on the race and appreciate everything that is happening around me. 

  1.     What was your first triathlon experience?

I heard about triathlon through MetaSport. When I first worked as a Customer Service Representative for the company back in 2012, I only had a vague idea of what a triathlon was. Fast forward to 2015, in the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Bintan, I was manning the Information booth and I could see the finish line. I was fat, and a heavy smoker, but seeing the finishers inspired me. I observed that there was no one type of triathlete, not necessarily lean nor muscular, they were all of different shapes. Observing their overwhelming emotion as they crossed the finish, I wanted that for myself someday. Three years later, in 2018, a year after migrating to the US, and in the process of overcoming a life changing experience, I decided to quit smoking and try to tri. That year, I finished my first triathlon.

  1.     What made you venture into the sport of triathlon?

In 2017, I moved to the US and life did not happen the way it was supposed to. Being away from family and my usual support group, I succumb into depression. After realising that I was the only one who could truly help myself, I started to work my way out of it through running. I met a friend who encouraged me to complete a triathlon, pushed me towards my goal and did not accept any back chat. I ended up purchasing my first bike, quit smoking and the rest is history.

  1.     What have you achieved since starting your triathlon journey?

I have stopped smoking, finished two half ironman distance triathlons, a couple of half marathons and a handful of trail runs. I have managed to push myself to do more and be more, I have realised that for everything I do, it is 70% mental and the rest is physical. My mindset has changed so that I do not see a goal as a problem, but rather a challenge I want to conquer. 

  1.     What is your highlight so far?

The highlight in my triathlon journey is definitely meeting awesome people. We all have different reasons for doing it but we ultimately share the journey. It’s not easy yet we find ways to make it happen, in between work, family and other commitments. We find the time to put in the hours to ensure that we are able to cross that finish line. 

  1.     We hear you have big plans for 2022? Tell us all about it.

Yes, I am turning 40 this year so I am going big – I have registered for IRONMAN Florida. My main goal is to finish it in high spirits and in good time, but my coach is confident we can work on my skills and that I can aim to do it in 14 hours. 

  1.     Those are big goals! How do you plan to get yourself ready for this?

I am currently working with a triathlon coach and a gym trainer. My tri coach is working with me on my heartrate, training plan and nutrition, whilst my gym trainer makes sure I do strengthening and core exercises that will supplement my training. Personally, I need to have the discipline and create a balance with work and other commitments. 

  1.     Is there anyone who has inspired you during your time  at MetaSport? (participant / colleague / etc.)

I have always worked online for MetaSport, when I finally met the team in person, each of them were truly inspiring. In 2015, being a big smoker, it seems like I was the odd one out for being so unhealthy but no one made me feel differently, and when I made the declaration that I wanted to do a triathlon, everyone was just so encouraging.

Work-wise, I am truly inspired by Nathalie’s vision of making things happen. I think it is while working in MetaSport that I have truly learned that where there is a problem there is a solution. And I have applied this in life. 

  1. What advice would you like to give to any budding or beginning triathlete?

Just do it. Cliche as it seems but just start, no matter what you want to do, just start. That first step is crucial and the catalyst for you to reach your goal. Surround yourself with those who will be supportive of you and who will give positive vibes. I hope you start now and I will see you on course! 


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