MetaSport’s Green Efforts

MetaSport’s Green Efforts

MetaSport has achieved significant green milestones with its sustainability initiatives during the MetaSprint Series 2024 and T100 Singapore.

In the MetaSprint Series 2024, MetaSport collected approximately 2.9kg of plastic caps, which were donated to Plastify.
These caps can be transformed into around 72 coasters, 483 carabiners, or 48 wall tiles, illustrating the tangible impact of recycling efforts.

At the T100 Singapore event, MetaSport further demonstrated its commitment to environmental responsibility by collecting 845kg of carton boxes, 958kg of paper cups, and 357kg of plastic bottles, all sent for recycling.

These initiatives not only reduce environmental impact but also inspire participants and the community to adopt eco-friendly practices. MetaSport’s dedication to sustainability in sports events underscores their commitment to making a positive environmental impact through sport.


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