The Return of The Super League Triathlon – What You Need to Know Now!

The Return of The Super League Triathlon – What You Need to Know Now!

The Super League Triathlon is returning to Singapore after a two-year hiatus. The Super League Triathlon has been reinventing and disrupting the world of Triathlon, with a simple but lofty ambition – to turn a traditional participation led sport into a spectator sport. 

The Super League Triathlon has become known for keeping the action riveting until the last moment, by making races short and sharp, getting the best athletes in the world to race head-to-head at full speed, and combining it all with a raft of tactical and technological innovations.

In just a little over a month Singapore will host the Grand Final of the Arena Games Triathlon Championship Series, on 6-7 May. Powered by Zwift and in partnership with World Triathlon, the Arena Games triathlon series is an innovative concept that blends real life and virtual racing to deliver a new level of immersive viewing experience.

The triathlon series kicks off next week-end in Europe, with the inaugural event in Munich, before heading to London on 23 April through 24. To get a taste of what is coming your way, you can catch these races live here. This year’s edition boasts a star studded start list in Munich, with many of the biggest names in triathlon also flying to Singapore to join the start line on 6-7 May, making this year’s race the most exciting ever.

One unique feature of the Singapore Grand Final is the Super League Triathlon Club Competition. This is an exclusive event created specifically for a very limited number of Singapore triathlon clubs. It’s a unique opportunity to be part of the Arena Games, which puts on a similar race format to the pros, coupled with the chance to watch the pros race full gas from the exclusive VIP lounge. 

A similar challenge, the Corporate Competition, is offered to ten Singapore companies for employees to defend their company’s colours.

Due to current restrictions still in place as of the time of this publication, the event will not be open to spectators, with only participants getting the chance to watch the race live. 

Make no mistake, although the Club and Corporate competitions take place in a relay format,they are also “full gas”: 10 members per team, 1 treadmill, 1 stationary bike and 60 minutes to run and bike as far as possible. There will be both bike mileage and run mileage team winners. The overall champion will then be crowned as the team with the longest bike-run cumulative distance.

The Super League Triathlon is the first major sports brand to incorporate a virtual element that compliments their real world competition, meaning triathletes can still come together for fun, fitness, and prizes. This makes it a truly cutting edge experience that cannot be had anywhere else.

Clubs may email their interest to and companies to

Can’t wait for this year’s SLT season to kick off? Check out the recently released documentary Every Second Counts. It recaps the 2021 season and is a great chance to witness the unique Super League Triathlon experience, whilst getting excited about the 2022 season.


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